Privacy Policy

Personal data - General
These privacy policies are designed to define the basic principles and procedures under which they are collected and processed by web site visitors personal data .

Internet website to provide personal data will be processed in accordance with this Privacy Policy,  on Legal Protection of the requirements of other legislation, governing the management and protection.

Collection of personal data and protection
The site or other products presented to order forms and information may be required to provide personal information ( such as name, email address ). Collected
data may also be used to better tailor the site to your specific needs , display specially selected to suit your needs content, or performing market research, interviewing site visitors issues related to the website content / services.

The data will be used to secure the organizational and technical measures that adequately protect the data against accidental or unlawful destruction , alteration or disclosure , as well as other illegal activities .

Disclosure of data to third parties
  We undertake not to disclose the website provide the data to any other third parties without prior approval by your prior consent.

Third-party sites
Internet web site contains links to other individuals, companies or organizations.We're not responsible for the content of third party web sites or their privacy practices , even when you get them through our website the links .

Change of conditions
We reserve the right to partially or completely to change these privacy policies informing our website and / or your e -mail address. If you use our web site after the changes will be made , it will mean that you agree to them.

Your Consent
By submitting your personal data to website you agree that the following data is processed as set out in the Privacy Policy.

If these conditions privacy policy or site visits for data collection and use practices you have any questions , please feel free to contact us.